Aug 192014

Good evening gentle readers. Or, at this stage of my blogging experience, I guess that would be reader. Meh, I’ll go with it.

Okay, so, I got back from Gen Con last night and am still completely exhausted. And yet, it was so very much worth it! I met a lot of popular authors, talked with some editors, and took classes from 9 am to 9 pm. I took some excellent classes, and even though I signed up too late to do any workshops, I still think it was one of the best things I could have done for my writing.

During the Con I met an author who told me that, if I was serious about getting published (which I am), then I should go to Context SF next month. Before I let myself crash last night, I went ahead and booked the tickets. What’s a few more nights of sleep, anyway?

Since I did sign up too late to get into the workshops, I was able to let my inner geek hang out. Thanks to a marvelous local seamstress, I had a fairly decent costume to hit the Con with, and found a few other people who are fans like me.


Here’s a hint: I’m the Jedi.

I’m not the only one who went to the Con and got Geek all over the place, either:


This would be author Larry Correia force-choking Darth Vader in a kilt. If you haven’t read his work yet, definitely go check him out. Think of B monster movies in book form, and you’ll get a general sense of his Monster Hunter International series.

Anyway, I’m still exhausted from everything that happened, and I’m going to try to get more writing done in the morning. Which means sleep.

More to come soon!


And Larry Correia used my pic on his page! Awesome! I’m pseudo internet famous… well, my pic… well… Okay, never mind.

Hello World

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Jul 282014

My first post for my new site! This will probably get deleted eventually as I come up with something better. I’m an aspiring author, current writer, and a full time geek. I work in IT but go out of my way to try to learn what I can about life, the universe, and everything! Speaking of, I have to get back to it.

Yeah, definitely going to edit this later.